Strategy - Only Office and Industrial Properties in Metropolitan Phoenix

G2 Capital seeks to invest in office and industrial properties with unique opportunities for value enhancement. Unlike other real estate investment firms which invest across all product types and multiple metropolitan areas, G2 Capital is specialized and only invests in metropolitan Phoenix. This strategy promotes an unequaled degree of specialization resulting in potentially high risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Quality assets with temporary challenges

G2 Capital identifies well-located, quality properties that suffer from temporary and correctable challenges in their tenancy, physical attributes, market position, and/or management. By exploiting the pricing inefficiencies inherent in assets of this nature and employing intensive asset management to correct the identified flaws, we can reposition such assets for subsequent sale to other investors at attractive pricing.

Competitive Advantage

G2 Capital's unique specialized strategy allows investors to capitalize on the company’s unparalleled local market focus and knowledge.  Recognizing that real estate is priced locally, we believe that the firm with the most comprehensive local market knowledge and understanding makes the best investment decisions.  We are that firm.

An institutional approach to private equity

We target investments in the $2 to $20 million range to avoid institutional competition which drives down returns.  However, our investment scrutiny, attention to detail, comprehensive due diligence, asset specific business plan formulation, and understanding of micro and macroeconomic events are on an institutional level.  G2 Capital has the capability to apply institutional methodology to private equity investing as it relates to in-depth market research, econometric forecasting, property sourcing, intelligent underwriting, and aggressive asset management.